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Aeronautica Imperialis – Aircraft & Aces: T’au Air Caste Cards

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Key Features

  • A pack of reference cards for use with Aeronautica Imperialis
  • Contains 86 T’au Air Caste cards
  • Keep track of your aircraft, single-use weapons and upgrades.

Keep track of your T’au Air Caste aircraft, plus their weapons and upgrades, with this handy reference card pack.

This pack contains the following cards:

  • 26 T’au Aircraft cards that are ideal references for use in-game for your Barracuda AX-5-2, Barracuda AX-5-3, Barracuda AX-5-4, Tiger Shark AX-1-0-2, Tiger Shark AX-1-0-3, Tiger Shark AX-1-0-4, Tiger Shark AX-1-0 and Remora Drone aircraft. Also includes the Red Horizon and Dawn Sword named aircraft.
  • 18 Aircraft Upgrade cards (including Decoy Drones, Defensive Drones, Infra-red Targeting, Armoured Cockpit and Ionic Afterburners)
  • 28 Aircraft Weapon cards (including Cyclic Ion Blaster Drones, Long-Barreled Burst Cannon Drones and Seeker Missile Bays)
  • 6 Ground Defences cards (including Skyfire Platform and Stormfury Platform)
  • 8 T’au Aces cards, including Dor’n O’ka, Kae O’ar and 6 T’au Ace Ability cards

You’ll need a copy of the Aeronautica lmperialis: Skies of Fire boxed set or the Taros Air War Campaign book to use the contents of this card pack.


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