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Fury of Dracula came out in 1987, but this edition, the ‘fourth’, is from WizKids. This is a one-vs-all style board game. One of the players portrays Dracula, the evil vampire. This player attempts to sneak around Victorian Europe, city-to-city, wreaking havoc. The other four players are asymmetrical Hunters, working in a co-op fashion to try and locate big bad Drac. When (or indeed, if!) they find him, then they have to defeat him in combat!

A bunch of mechanisms occur in Fury of Dracula. The heart of the game is a hidden movement mechanism. Rounds take place in day and night. The Hunters have advantage in daylight. They can move from city to city via road, across two train networks, or by boat. Roads are shorter, but sometimes provide more specific routes. They’ll also aim to stock up with weapons and tricks to locate and fight the Count.

Dracula gains advantage at night. He has to move to an adjacent city, but only by road. Sailing causes him damage, so it’s a last resort. Whenever Dracula leaves a city, he leaves a horrible trap behind. The vamp leaves a corresponding city card face-down on a six-card Trail, every time he moves. If ever a Hunter enters a city within Dracula’s Trail, the card (and sometimes the trap) gets revealed. Now the Hunters can work out where the sucker might be hiding… And the hunt begins!

Dracula’s aim is to spread evil throughout Europe. If he can get his Fury-o-Meter™ up to 13, he wins. He can speed this up if his traps are not located in time, or if he defeats Hunters in combat. The Hunters win if they can deal enough damage to Dracula to defeat him once and for all…

This fourth edition of Fury of Dracula comes with five pre-painted minis. There are so many event cards in this version – no two games of Fury of Dracula are ever the same. It will leave you feeling drained… in the best way possible!

Player count: 5 players

Game length: 120-180 minutes

Age rating: 14+


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