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MTG: Double Masters Draft Booster

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  • THINK YOU’RE SEEING DOUBLE? Look again. Double Masters draft booster packs really do give you all the best parts of an MTG booster—twice.
  • TWO RARES. Every Double Masters booster pack contains not 1 but 2 rare or mythic rare Magic cards—at least.
  • TWO FOILS. Open a pack that has twice the shine, with two foil cards in each Double Masters booster (can be any rarity).
  • TWO FIRST PICKS. Every pack of Double Masters has two rares—and when you booster draft, you can pick them both.
  • TOO POWERFUL. Play with some of the most powerful Magic cards ever, whether you’re into Commander, Pioneer, Legacy, or all of the above.
  • CONTENTS: 15 Magic cards plus 1 Token (2 rares or mythic rares, 3 uncommons, 8 commons, and 2 foils of any rarity)

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