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Warhammer 40K: INDOMITUS Box Set (Eng)

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Data de lansare: 25.07.2020

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Indomitus is a mighty boxed set truly worthy of the best-ever edition of the game. Alongside two armies, you get a special launch edition of the Core Book, the Edge of Silence book with the rules for your models, a handy color instruction guide and a transfer sheet with decals for the Space Marines and Necron armies. There so much packed into this box and it’s only a fraction of the cost of getting them all separately. Indomitus won’t be around forever, so don’t miss out!


The Emperor’s Angels of Death are getting up close and personal. The box contains the first of a new breed of Space Marines – from elite Bladeguard Veterans to chainsword-wielding Intercessors – who are equipped to take the fight to the 3 enemies of Mankind in melee combat.


Having lain dormant for millions of years, the Necrons have awoken from their slumber to reclaim the empire they once held from those who usurped it in their absence. With deadly new warriors and war machines at the Necrons’ disposal, is there still strength enough in the galaxy to resist the ancient machine race?


Games Workshop

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