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  • 128-page
  • Published February 2019 by Games Workshop
  • Language: English.
  • Faction : Skaven
  • Book Format : A4
  • Game System : Warhammer Age Of Sigmar
  • Rules Type : Faction Book
  • Average Age : 12+
  • Format : Hardcover


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Chaos Battletome: Skaven is your guide to the evil ratmen who gnaw at the very fabric of reality. Serving the Chaos deity known as the Great Horned Rat, these sinister creatures seek to undermine the Mortal Realms, conquering with raw cunning, overwhelming numbers, and strange inventions.

This book contains:

– Allegiance abilities for skaven, including a variety of battle traits – 6 separate types of artefacts of power and 6 types of command traits

– 2 spell lores – the Lore of Ruin (for use by Grey Seers) and Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism (for use by Clans Skryre Wizards)

– 2 battleplans

– Path to Glory rules for creating a skaven warband for Path to Glory, including Champion and Followers Rewards Tables

– 8 warscroll battalions

– 40 warscrolls, 3 endless spell warscrolls and a warscroll for the Gnawhole scenery piece.

– Pitched battle profiles for all units and Endless Spells featured in this battletome

If you’re starting a new skaven army or bringing your classic collection into the Mortal Realms, this battletome is your essential companion.


Games Workshop


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