NECRONS: Szarekh, The Silent King

The Silent King rides to war aboard his Dais of Dominion, flanked by the phaerons of his Triarch and orbited by crackling noctilith Menhirs. He unleashes god-like powers of annihilation upon his dismayed foes, even as his absolute authority radiates out to empower the Necron legions and drive them to inevitable victory.

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Behold, the Silent King has returned to the galaxy!

The ultimate Necron character, Szarekh has a place in any Necron collection.

Use his terrifying skills as a commander to enhance the units in your army, shatter even the toughest enemies with a blistering range of attacks, or just give yourself a gorgeous model to build and paint.

This kit builds Szarekh, the Silent King and two Triarchal Menhirs. It is supplied in 155 plastic

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