MTG – Zendikar Rising Prerelease Pack

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A set of four Prerelease Packs from Zendikar Rising.

Return to the wild and lush plane of Zendikar with Zendikar Rising. Although the Eldrazi have long been defeated, they have left immense scars on Zendikar’s landscape. Without Eldrazi, however, new dangers have risen to the surface…. and new adventures! Form a party with your fellow adventurers and go on a search for priceless treasures. Will you find Zendikar’s secrets on your journey?

Gather your friends and organize your own prerelease of Zendikar Rising at home. This set includes four free boosters Zendikar Rising and one Magic: the Gathering Promo Pack to use as a prize for your tournament.

A Prerelease Pack from Zendikar Rising contains:

– A prerelease promo from Zendikar Rising (this can be any rare or mythic in the set)
– Six boosters from Zendikar Rising.
– A spindown life counter from Zendikar Rising.
– A Magic the Gathering: Arena code card.
– Information sheet for deckbuilding.

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